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May 17 2013 Lingor 1.5 released
Dec27 2010 - Lingor Units v1 released
Jul 28 2011 Lingor 1.3 released
Apr 5 2012 Lingor v1.337 released
May 13 2012 Lingor Units v1.3 released
May 17 2012 Lingor 1.4 released

Hi guys!

In this topic we discuss my 4th island project for Arma 2. Its the fictional island... Lingor, somewhere near equator.

Inspiration for the project is that I've been waiting for years for a proper optimised jungle map.
You have to understand that vegetation full map is a whole different matter in BIS engine. PCs that were able to run Duala/Jade Groove on max settings & view distance 5000m+ will probably only have sufficient FPS with 1000-1500m distance on Lingor. That concerns mostly the pilots (jets/mid-alt choppers). Grunts will have to cope with limited visibility so that won't affect them. Flying with UH-1 just above tree tops is also fps sufficient. ArmA2 engine doesn't handle well thick forests in areas bigger than 1km. So I will try to break up large view-distances with couple of hills.

Second inspiration comes from three different things. First is the board game by Stefan Dorra named Amazonas, that I just love. Board game features a nice amazon river and many villages to occupy. Hopefully Lingor scenery will be a bit similiar with the river setting.



Heartpoint of island is a big town on East. It will feature an army base and a large airport for all kinds of operations. Town is surrounded by jungle on W and South. Road then leads throught it to SW. Its the only paved road that connects the whole island. Amazon-like river splits the somewhat urban part on North and totally rural on South.

Rivers banks won't be steep (as in many of my older maps) and mangrove vegetation will cover the most banks. Only few places will be suitable for ship landing.

Jungles will have foot-path trails and couple of farms will be situated under thick canopy trees. Not all of the jungle will be thick, so pilots will be able to touch down on many clearings and drop off/pickup troops.

There will be no bridges (due to AI bugs) only couple of shallow passings.

Tourists enjoy the stay in main town as couple of nice beaches can be found. But the major touristic point are the towns on NW. There are even couple of lakes. Many hiking trips are available, but only few guides are eager to lead tourist south of the big river.

Government army controls the main town and is patrolling the Northern part where many ambushes by rebel happen. Southern part is a hiding place for many escaped convicts, drug dealers and rebel faction that is fighting for the control of the island. International peace-keeping team is based in armybase in main town and performs regular anti-rebel raids and patrol operations. It is also well known fact that US and UK and some other European armies train their specops in the highly-humid and mosquito-infested forests of Lingor.
When rebel positions are raided in the jungle they often retreat to the unreachable places in mountains-area on SW part of Lingor. Units are already done.

Hopefully you will start to love Lingor when you get relieved of Arrowhead desert tour of duty

Lin'gor. A small volcanic island with thick tropic vegetation and very little natural resources. The locals survive mainly with fishing and tourism. Only known natives are the Tay'zoon, meaning „the ones from outside“. In their ancient language, the Scoo'pnee, the name of the Island has an intriguing meaning. Lin meaning hunt and gor meaning ground, which translates to „hunting ground“.

After the first foreigners came to the island they were overwhelmed by the hospitality of the natives. For the people setting foot for the first time in this tropical paradise it was unconcievable why did the natives want to leave this island. They learned of many myths and legends about the „hunters from afar“ that supposedly visited the island every now and then. The elders told horrifying tales of these hunters, who would first kidnap the strongest and bravest men of the tribes and then hunt them down for pleasure, supposedly to prove their worth to their females.

Many curious adventurers came looking for proof, but most were persuaded from thoroughly checking the stories by the thick and inhospitable jungle that covers the vast majority of the island. Those who persisted often met horrible ends. Some ended up sick and dehidrated, stranded from civilisation, dieing alone in the mid of this green hell. Others returned insane, telling stories of some monsters that chased and killed most of their teams. No bodies were ever recovered. There exists no official record of these animals/creatures, only the stories of the elders.

Military leaders assure that these are stories for children and that there's no truth to it. Independent researchers did however get hold of military reports about units lost to „unknown cause“. Common too all these „unknown cause“ cases were the lack of bodies. One could even think that these soldiers met the famed hunters, the monsters from Lin'gor. But then again, these are just stories for children. I am sure there's nothing to worry about. -- Peter Grozni.

Update 31/8: Thanks to Snakeman[PMC] for his contribution to wld427 when working on the A-4M Skyhawk unit for PRACS & Lingor GAL Airforce.


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