Balkan war mod w.i.p


HI there this is mod that i wanted to do for a while i worked on bit by bit and did a lot also thanks to couple people leting me use there models VILAS THANKS a bunch for giving me couple models and making that YUGO-weapons thanks also to ALEX fro PLA MOD for leting me use couple of his models and RUGAGU for his t55 model and there is couple other peepz. that i will name as i do more.

The BALAKAN WAR MOD is based on what happend in Yugoslavia the war was mostly fought in entire territory of Bosnia and northern and estern parts of Croatia.The factions will be based on three sides that were fighting in Bosnia
Army of Bosnia and Herzegovina(ABIH), Army of Republic Srbska(VRS) and Croatian Defence Council(HVO).The weapons that were used in this conflict came from all blocks for exmp. there were Yugo-made arms , Soviet ,western block, even WWII weapons left from German's ,Soviets there were even Sherman tanks ,T34 ,flaks and so on.
I will basiclly use weapons for this mod that were used in this conflict i wont add something like abrams i wanna make experiance sort of surreal.

The tree factions i am basing on actual Corps, Brig. that were parts of these army's also sholder patches used from these brigades , so for exmp.( I'll only use 2 or 3 corp's from each fact. 2 diff. brig. in each Corp)
1st Corp. 2nd Corp.
23rd Mount. Brig. 54 Special Recon Unit
2nd Armored Brig. 2nd Arty. Brig.

Podrnjski Corp posavski Corp.
4th Light Brig. 344 Armored Brig.
101 special unit.

same for HVO (this is exmp.)


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