Project RACS

UPDATE 09-22-2013

not really. Im just posting that i am closing shop as the arrival of my son leaves me with absolutely no time to do this anymore.


I give absolutely no permission to use any part of Project RACS in any other mode or addon. I expressly forbid any reskins, changes, or any other molestation of my files.
Absolutely no forward porting, backward porting anything of that nature.

in other words do not touch PRACS in any way.

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Well it is finally here. The culmination of many hours, weeks, months, and yes years of work. This has been a long time coming and i appreciate you fans who have dilligently stuck with me thru all the time and pain.

This release is pretty much still beta because i am always working and trying to learn new things for improving the units. Now i have the order of battle complete and in a state i feel comfortable releasing to the public. Again this stuff is not perfect. What it does give you is a complete independant faction.

I cannot say thank you enough times to the community members of the SPAFF teamspeak and the task force lion forums. Thier efforts in helping me have improved my product immensly.

Special thank yous go out to:
RKSL-Rock who i am constantly bugging and asking for things
Sekra Thank you for hosting my files and your feedback. Thanks for the scripts as well buddy.
Ballistic09 thanks for the hard work in testing.
Darkhorse Thanks for setting up and runing TFL.

All the rest of the members of the Task Force Lion testing forum.

Please read the readme and respect it. Alot of people have been kind enough to donate materieals, models, textures and time tot he mod. i am very greatful to them and i want thier efforts to be known.

Project RACS Readme:

Mirrors appreciated.

Complete classlist XLS

Takistani Extension Classlist

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