A.C.R.E - Advanced Combat Radio Environment - 1.3 Stable - Release Thread

Current Version:
Latest Release Date: 02.09.2012
Current TS3 Support: 3.0.5

Hello again, everyone. We have decided to release what we consider our next stable version of the ACRE modification. As everyone knows, we have been under heavy development and even made a major version number increase without public release. We feel that we have stabalized these features, and are ready for public consumption again. This release contains numerous new features and continuing improvement of performance and stability.

Our continuing goal is to exceed any and all expectations in regards to game communications; allowing for the most realistic and immersive communications engine within ANY current simulation or video game on the market today.

The ACRE team would like to thank the entire ArmA2 community for its support, and is proud to announce the latest stable version of the addon for everyones enjoyment.

- IDI Systems / ACRE Team -


United Operations is the OFFICIAL ACRE COMMUNITY! Come play with us at http://unitedoperations.net!

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Available on the SixUpdater Official Network
Development/Current non-public builds available on the UnitedOperations.Net SixUpdater Server
Zip Package: http://raceriv.com/arma2/acre/ACRE_V1.3.16.469.zip

* CBA - Community Base Addons (not included)
. http://dev-heaven.net/wiki/cca
* JayArmA2Lib (Included)
. http://dev-heaven.net/projects/jayarma2lib/wiki

Wiki - http://tracker.idi-systems.com/projects/acre/wiki
FAQ - hhttp://tracker.idi-systems.com/proj..._Bug_Reporting
Tracker - http://tracker.idi-systems.com/projects/acre/issues

Whats new in 1.3?
* Vehicles now contain rack mounts and already included radios!
* Rack mounts contain loud speakers that allow anyone within hearing distance to listen to radio conversations!
* Terrain signal code totally reworked! Buildings and other objects now more apparent in communications. Terrain analysis greatly improved!
* Major bug and performance fixes, including the infamous "carrier bug" and game stutter when playing with more than 50+ people.
* ACRE now implements ACRE interaction keys utilizing the CBA framework. Most player should be familiar with these from their prominence in ACE2.

* Five ACRE-Specific Radios
. AN/PRC-117F man pack radio
. AN/PRC-119 man pack radio
. AN/PRC-148 handheld radio
. AN/PRC-152 handheld radio
. AN/PRC-343 personal role radio
* Vehicles now contain rack mounts and already included radios!
. AN/VRC-103 (AN/PRC-117F Vehicle Rack)
. AN/VRC-111 (AN/PRC-148 Vehicle Rack)
. AN/VRC-110 (AN/PRC-152 Vehicle Rack)
* Rack mounts contain loud speakers that allow anyone within hearing distance to listen to radio conversations!
* 100% ACE2 Compatible
. Integration with all ACE2 man pack radios, using default AN/PRC-119 statistics.
* ACRE now implements ACRE interaction keys utilizing the CBA framework. Most player should be familiar with these from their prominence in ACE2.
* PRC-343 now replaces the default ArmA2 'ItemRadio'
* Realistic GUI interfaces for radios, they are the real thing
* Directional speaking for non-radio, normal communications
. Real-time 3d positional information
* Realistic terrain affects for radios
. Signal lose & distortion from buildings, hills, trees, and other objects
. Realistic power output and antenna length considerations for all radios that effect signal
. Realistic frequency wavelength falloff; higher frequencies do not travel as far
. Real-time positional calculation for fast-moving objects
* Separate Push-To-Talk key (non-toggle) for using your radio
. If a person speaks on their radio and you aren't on that frequency, you can hear them 'directly'
* Multiple hotkeys and quick-displays for fast information about your radios
* Players can carry multiple radios on different frequencies
. Hot-swap radio hotkey
. Current radios selection menu
. Pop-up display on broadcast to know current radio in use
* Radios are now considered unique objects within the ArmA2 world
. Radios are droppable and maintain ALL settings for anyone who picks them up
. Program a radio and trade it with a player!
. Pick up your dead enemies radio and discover his platoon's frequency
* Man pack Radios have the ability to use 'PA' mode in a vehicle, broadcast at 40,000mW!
* Custom Squawk sounds for all radio transmissions (credits to Krause)
* Realistic distortion effects

. Normal broadcasting distortion
. Signal lose distortion and noise
* 100% BattlEye compatible
* Performance and desync considerations
. All time critical radio information is communicated via TeamSpeak3, server desync doesn't break ACRE
. Crash/Desync fallback functionality. Sound "anomalies" are no longer possible with lag/desync.
. Optimized distance, terrain, positional and signal calculations
. Use of JayArmA2Lib for Named pipes communication; 0-latency inter-process communication between TS3-ArmA2
. Server side garbage collection of radios to prevent object clutter/long mission lag
. Many fixes for ts3/arma2 crashes, server/mission disconnects
* Global 15 second reset for any of these scenarios
* Dead player and respawn handling for both radio and direct chat

Changelog between 1.2.10 and 1.3.16
-- 1.3.16--
* Version upgrade due to many issues in 1.3.15.
* Major stability fixes and debugging information added.

-- 1.3.15--
* Version upgrade due to many issues in 1.3.14.

-- 1.3.14--
* TS 3.0.3 Support
* Performance changes, multiple loops moved to per-frame handler non-scheduled environment.

-- 1.3.12--
* Memory Leak Hotfix
* Fix for Arma2 wrong pos at distance bug fix.

-- 1.3.11--
* Fixed: Cut outs should be much reduced on both radios and direct speaking.

-- 1.3.10 --
* Fixed: ACRE no longer causes cutouts. Wow?
* Fixed: With Stereo sound, you would still hear people really far away when they were REALLY far away

-- 1.3.9 --

-- 1.3.8 --
* Changed: Updated API version and made compatible for TS3 3.0.0 Final
* Fixed: Locality issue where closing a dialog would close it on other clients as well
* Fixed: Muting was occuring oddly for spectators.
* Fixed: Playerlist construction while people were dead was...interesting.
* Fixed: Possible locking and syncing issues with current radio lists

-- 1.3.7 --
* Added: Preparation class definitions for different antenna's and powers in vehicles (not implemented yet)
* Changed: PA mode removed from AN/PRC-119. It now sucks compared to the 117F in all respects.
* Fixed: Signal code was running faster than it should have, causing FPS lag @ greater than 60 players.
!!!!!!!!* Fixed: ArmA2 has a engine bug for positions at a distance, causing signal loss.
This is now fixed. We manually propigate our positions, so signals now always work
when distances are greater than 10km. Yay ArmA2 bug workarounds.
* Fixed: There was a small chance that you would start a mission and radios would disappear.
* Fixed: When you "stopped using" a vehicle rack radio, it would break for a misison.

-- 1.3.6 --
* Changed: Death and spectating completely revamped. Again. Fixes death blip and spectating bugs.
* Fixed: RPT antenna error. Fixes #153
* Fixed: Parachutes had VRC's. Fixes #150
* Fixed: Vehicle racks would stop working after certain amounts of time. Fixes #152
* Fixed: When you died inside a vehicle or respawned, you would still have the radio after respawn.

-- 1.3.5 --
* Changed: Removed ACRE version popup error in TS3
* Fixed: Your radio would not work when you respawned with it and a vehicle rack radio. Fixes #137
* Fixed: Retransmission was not working under some circumstances.
* Fixed: Unmounting a radio while using it didn't get handled properly.
* Fixed: isKindOfRadio/hasKindOfRadio fixed (again, sorry). Fixes #140
* Fixed: Trying to mount a radio while already using one caused a script error. Fixes #141
* Fixed: You can now only "Use Radio" once at a time on a radio. Fixes #143
* Fixed: setSpectator did not work. Fixes #128

-- 1.3.4 --
* Fixed: Divide by zero error when broadcasting to someone inside your own vehicle
* Fixed: Death blip should be gone a bit
* Fixed: Forced CPU Affinity within the TS3 process when ACRE is loaded. Should reduce crashes.
* Fixed: Handling of Teamswitching should be working now

-- 1.3.3 --
* Added: Russian version of documentation
* Added: V2 Signatures
* Changed: You can no longer open a radio in a vehicle rack unless you use it first
* Changed: Virtual rack radios (tanks/aircraft) are no longer "takable"
* Changed: Performance and code initialization changes
* Fixed: Sometimes, on first island load on a dedicated server, radio's would disappear
* Fixed: Vehicle rack speakers wern't attenuating correctly
* Fixed: Opening radios via the interact without closing others would break radios.
* Fixed: ACE/ACRE interacts would sometimes not initialization on mission start

-- 1.3.2 --
* Fixed: JIPs would sometimes hear people as global. A lot.
* Fixed: onvehicleinit script error
* Fixed: ACE radios were borked

-- 1.3.1 --
* Changed: When using a rack radio, it now becomes your active radio
* Fixed: Random game hang/crashes
* Fixed: the dead menu showed up when you were alive
* Fixed: radio speakers now work again
* Fixed: Virtual radios in vehicles would sometimes show frequency any
* Fixed: Volume on the 343 did not work
* Fixed: JIP players would be global sometimes
* Fixed: Other random bugs and crap
-- 1.3.0 --

* Added: TS3 now has a configuration dialog which allows controlling global radio volume for your client
* Changed: updated for latest ts3 version fixing the constant error message
* Changed: Signal code re-worked. Overall terrain detection should be more accurate (no more mystery hills)
* Changed: Vehicle racks do not have a "open radio" button anymore
* Fixed: Various vehicle rack bugs
* Fixed: retrans function rxmtAttachToObj now works properly
* Fixed: Sometimes the client would stutter with > 50 players
* Fixed: "Over water" volume bug (also known as the carrier bug)
* Removed: cntrl+shift+v for radio list has now been disabled. Use the ACRE Interact menu

-- 1.2.11 --
* Added: Vehicle racks are now fully implemented. See http://tracker.idi-systems.com/proje.../Vehicle_Racks for details
* Added: Vehicle racks now support "speaker mode" for other people to hear them
* Added: Players dead, or in "spectate" mode, now get a self interaction for modifying spectator mode settings
* Added: api functions. acre_api_fnc_getDisplayName, acre_api_fnc_rack_mountRadio
* Fixed: Ace "on-back" was broken again (http://tracker.idi-systems.com/issues/73)
* Fixed: Turned in/out attenuation for LAV-25's fixed. dumb animation names (http://tracker.idi-systems.com/issues/74)
* Fixed: Bradley's now have proper cargo compartment attenuation
* Fixed: Vodnik gunners were perma-turned out, but had turned in attenuation
* Fixed: startSpeaking didnt trigger on channel change (http://tracker.idi-systems.com/issues/77)
* Fixed: hasKindOfRadio didn't work (http://tracker.idi-systems.com/issues/78)

* All the official ACRE testers
* UnitedOperations.Net Community for dealing with me pushing broken updates all the time
* Havoc Company (www.havoc-company.com) for all the 1-on-1 and beta time
* rexehuk for killing so many animals on our behalf
* Shack Tactical (www.shacktac.com) for multiple thorough testing sessions
* SSG Clan (www.ssg-clan.se) for so much thorough testing and dealing with crashes
* Task Force Blackjack for their unending unguided testing and bug reports which have helped us so much
* The ACE/CBA teams for random scripting and engine discussions and debugging
* All the various ArmA2 Skype channels for listening to me and nou (Think tank, im looking at you)
* Sickboy specifically for his heavy work and integration on making with SixUpdater became a reliable and extensive platform to deliver ACRE and JayArmA2Lib
* BI Forums community for the support


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