SCAR-L Replacement Project

What's it all about?

The SCAR-L RP is a mod with a goal to create (another m4 pack!) a series of M4 based weapons to use eventually as a replacement pack for the SCAR-L series of weapons on a like-for-like basis. That being for example, the Javelin soldier has a flashlight on his SCAR, so he will have a flashlight M4. This is designed to be as accurate as possible as current issue/near future M4's.

What is different from other M4 packs?

There will be a M320 and (eventually) a M26 MASS in both standalone and attached for both. The weapons are 3-round burst to be accurate with real life.

Also on top is Lennard's fantastic DBAL model. There is also BIS models.

Release Stages:

V1: First release for public testing as well as playing.
V2: bugs from V1 fixed as well as more testing and fixing if needs be. DL here:
V3.5: All going well, Replacement Pack time. DL here!

Known bugs, sound issues (best solved with JSRS )

Eventually there will be ACE configs.

What you can do!

If you have information that relates I'd love to hear from you, most importantly, what is issued/used by the US Army on their M4's to make this as accurate as possible.

Anyone who can help out in the texture department would be greatly welcomed! As well as any modeler keen to get on board.


All new models:

M24 with NV scope:

M26 WIP:

ArmaHolic Mirror

SCAR-L Replacement pack v2

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