Algerian Mi-17

Inspired by recent events, I thought I should give missions makers a tool for e.g. a Shapur-based hostage rescue/attack mission, so I quickly retextured BIS' Czech Mi-171Sh (Update: now based on the default Mi-8MTV3, which is more realistic):

You can find it in the editor under Independent->Algeria->Air
I've placed default UN pilots inside, they are neutral in appearance and actually fit quite well.
It doesn't need any other addons, just OA.

Files: alg_mi17.pbo (signed, with server key)


Edit: Updated to Version 1.1 (completed reworked, see below)
Edit: Updated to Version 1.2 (rocket version fixed and normal version added, see below)

(btw a hint if someone does want to make such a mission: The "Project RACS" troops look rather similar to the Algerian military with their brownish DPM camo)


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