.psd templates [NATO]

Hi folks,

as it seems the most addons we'll be seeing now will be retextures. I myself am, just for fun, working on something that'd look Polish, based on a Wz.93 woodland pattern 'Pantera'.
Scarecrow398 has been extremly helpful and generous with his time and skill to help me make these standalone, so most probably I'll be publishing it sometime soon in the 'discussion' section. That's what I got so far (tested on ITA SOF, as it supports headgear).

Anyway; long story short - what's on the pics above you'll find below as .psd files.

It's not perfect as it was a quicky just for fun and most probably there'll be another, better template-sets popping up soon enough, but maybe someone makes use of it to produce his/her own stuff a lot faster, just by replacing the woodland layer with a desired camo pattern.

Package includes 4 .psd files, which should be enough for simple retextures. There's not much layers there and you should find your way pretty easily.


PSD templates (206MB)

Enjoy, have fun and be creative


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