All in Arma (AiA) - TKOH/OA/A2/A1 merge with A3

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= What is All in Arma =

It allows you to merge your other Arma engine games with Arma 3.

This happens solely on the config level - this means no model upgrades or terrain modifications, nor TKOH RTD FM (not out of the box at least).
However you will have the weapons, vehicles, missions and terrains from previous products available inside Arma 3. Official BI and community made content.

Some new A3 features will be possible to support later on, while others such as physx would require model modifications and as such are out of scope.

= Promo video by EvroMalarkey =

= Current state =

You cannot mix A2/OA infantry units with A3 infantry as this causes visual glitches and crashes.
Tanks and cars are missing most engine sounds and tanks easily flip over. Only BI can sort these out.

Aside from those the rest works basically. However rest assured there are still plenty of smaller to bigger problems.
All A2/OA worlds are using the Stratis lighting and sky configuration for the start. Further tweaks to come.
Ambient animals (sea and land) are also in now based on the Stratis configuration. To be adjusted later on.

The respective A3 infantry model related content is hidden (units, groups and vehicles in the editor, official missions). One can still load custom missions with A3 units.
# Simple solution: Disable AiA if you want to play the regular A3 alpha.
# Advanced solution: To make missions with A3 units/vehicles and use AiA content, you can simply remove the AiA_DisableA3Content.pbo meanwhile.

Basic TKOH support is available. Read about the TKOH specific issues and limitations in the Known issues section.

Basic A1 terrain support is available, as well as an A1 to A2/OA classes mapping - in other words A1 missions and campaigns should be somewhat playable with AiA. To avoid missing objects, you need to merge two pbos yourself. More in the FAQ section of the AiA wiki.

Please report any issues you encounter in the AiA issue tracker.
Please read the notes how to report problems in the AiA wiki.

Note this is an early version, but you can expect fast progress with many updates in the coming days and weeks ahead.

= Try and Play =

Read in the AiA wiki the download&install guide.

Also available for

= Support =

Note: I will ask for donations to fund this project. More on this very soon.

If you want to help with this project, you can do so in many ways:

  • Spread the word
  • Give feedback
  • Report issues
  • Make promotion screenshots and videos
  • Build a promotion website
  • Anything else you can think of being useful

Feel free to contact me by PM or mail, if you want to contribute.

= Updates =

Click the link to the view the full changelog.

= Interviews =

# Issue 1 - Pilot Issue by ChrzRw79
# Issue 5 - "All in Arma" Update / Call for vote by ChrzRw79

= License =

Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-Share Alike 3.0 License

Please don't mirror the releases for now due to the frequent updates to happen.



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