FLAY Hang Glider Mod

These are some screenshots from a hang glider mod I'm working on. I originally intended to release it for Arma 2, but the lack of pilot "IK" made it look horribly stiff. While the pilot animation still could need some work, I think it's amazing what 2 memory points and 4 lines of config does (see video below).




2014-04-12 (version 0.4)

- Replaced hangglider assembly/disassembly with standard builtin version.
- Fixed issues with weapons (cluster bombs)
- Increased view angles slightly.

2014-01-08 (version 0.3)

- Fixed variometer sound not working in first person
- Removed disassemble option when inside vehicle
- Adjusted overall audio levels
- Added black hang glider variant (aka. Night Wing)
- Added Molotov cocktail
- Added Cluster bombs (Night Wing)
- Added Cluster mines (Night Wing)
- Hide FLAY_Thermal from editor (should use module instead)

2014-01-02 (version 0.2)

- Bundled pumpkin's thermal/ridge lift script (thanks pumpkin).
- Fixed explosion on impact (thanks Sakura_Chan).
- Fixed smoke on damage (thanks super-truite).
- Fixed harness obstructing view in first-person.
- Fixed low poly wheels in first-person.
- Bundled Arma 2 wind noise (thanks BIS!)
- Clean-up scripts & config files.
- Variometer available as user action.
- Leaning animation forward & backward to gain reduce speed.


Space: Launch hang glider
Forward: Move forward (use shift to run)
Back: Move back.
Left: Move left (glider will fall over)
Right: Move right (glider will fall over)

Forward: increase speed (good for testing, may be removed)
Back: switch into landing state (holding back will decrease speed)
Shift+Space: Exit hang glider.

Known Issues

  • Variometer is silent when in first-person view.
  • Keys are not initialized properly when hang glider is spawned "flying" (i.e. not launched from ground).
  • No transitions between animations yet.
  • Possible to get stuck when exiting hang glider ("get in" usually takes care of it)
  • Horrid walking animations (not sure what can be done about it)
  • When doing a roll the pilot position flips over when going beyond 180 deg.
  • Hang glider will stall when going below approx 45 km/h without chance of recovery (thanks froggyluv, Magirot).

  • pumpkin for fn_soaring.sqf script (used in ridge lift module)
  • Sakura_Chan and super-truite for help resolving config issues.
  • BIS for a great game and excellent modding support.
  • Everyone maintaining the BIKI. Can't imagine what modding would be like without it.
  • BRSSEB for the OFP Addon Tutorial Site
  • Clayman for the Arma 2 Animation Viewer
  • freesound for various sound effects.

It's now licensed under APL-SA as it includes sound files from Arma 2.

FLAY HangGlider Mod v0.4


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