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Change Log/Release Notes
Version 0.5 (first Release)
  • First release is 0.5. That might be an odd number to start with but its reflective of the iterations I've gone through and the fact that its still not 100% complete.
  • Random uniform, vest and headgear should be multiplayer compatible. I have tested and seemed to be working
  • The mod's fully signed and includes bikey
  • Does not currently include road vehicles.
  • Units can be found under 'Independent>PG Services'

Version 0.6
  • Added earpiece model (uses night vision goggles slot)
  • Added VIP Client model
  • Replaced the normal and specular map for uniforms using the BLUFOR uniform (to remove shiny patch and flag outline))
  • Removed most of the hex edited models. Now only have the ones for the MX rifles since they still dont have camo selections
  • Adjusted the capacity for all uniforms and vests to be in line with game vanilla versions
  • Added faction icon
  • Removed the class I created for the EBR with SOS scope since there is now one in game by default. Designated Marksman now uses the default in game class
  • A few other minor config changes which wont be noticable to most people
  • There may be other things I've done which are not listed here. Ive been working on this update on and off for the past few months so its possible ive forgotten a few things

Version 0.6.1
  • Black MX rifles will now work with VAS (Note they still look the same as the standard mx in the VAS menu as I havent done custom icons)
  • Fixed a missing icon error for underwear
  • Removed a redundant ammo crate which wasnt working (there is still an ammo crate containing all weapons used in the mod, i forgot to mention in the last release)
  • Fixed loadout issue which was still resulting in some units shouting "out of ammo"

Texture Templates
I've decided to upload the PSD files I used to create textures for this mod. You are free to edit and re-use them for whatever purposes you like.

  • NATO Combat Uniform - Not suitable for beginners. It includes many layers which ive set up to make it easy for me to switch out colours easily. Please do not message me asking how to use it. If you need to ask its not for you

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