U.C.S.V. Cargo & Support Drone


Unmanned Cargo & Support Vehicle (1.1)


This addon adds a new unit to the game. The U.C.S.V. (Unmanned Cargo and Support Vehicle). The purpose of this unity is simple: Transporting.
It is designed as a very flexible, lightweight and fast aerial unit to provide strong and efficient logistics support.

This is my very first addon for ARMA ever. So if there are any bugs, let me know.
Any feedback and critics are welcome and appreciated.

Update arrived!

Today I've finished v1.1 of the UCSV. First I have to say, the positive feedback was amazing! Thank you all for the support!
You may notice, that the hooking ability has been completeley removed. This is because of 3 reasons: I'm not very good at scripting stuff - I was glad that I got the first version to run actually (at least local, multiplayer didn't work).
2nd: There are extremely great scripts out there, like LIFTER (the famous one from ACEMod) or BTC Logistics and plenty more. These scripts are much more advanced than what I did.
But! I'd really like to finish the UCSV with a builtin hooking functionality. If anybody who's a crack at Scripting (especially locality in MP) reads this - I'd really like some help to get it working in Multiplayer.
3rd: Having two versions for basically 1 addon - sucks.

And as a compensation for the long time waiting for an update, here's a little gift.
Many people in the Arma Community doing a lot of reskins and stuff - which is amazing! The diversity of skins has grown extremely, so here's a little contribution, if some wants to reskin this mod.
You can download a small texture kit (Photoshop CS5 document), which holds all selections, the UV Set, AO/Cavitiy Maps, Dirt Layer, base texture etc. here:

ucsv_texture_kit.rar (~30MB)

And this is what you will find inside:

Okay, now here is the

  • fixed Shading
  • enhanced/reworked textures
  • additional texture added
  • more details added
  • flight model changed to helicopter behavior due the lack of an appropriate flight model
  • config has been completeley rewritten
  • Field Manual entry added
  • Mod-Descriptions & Graphics added
  • highly optimized all LODs
  • added flare launcher
  • added PiP functionality
  • adjusted pilot and optics view
  • adjusted general behavior to act more natural (fuel consumption, fuel amount, handling, etc.)
  • Wreck LOD added
  • Shadowcasting improved
  • size adjustments
  • clanlogo support added (in case BIS supports them sometime and removes UAV AI drivers - not functional right now)
  • removed hooking ability (please refer to available scripts like "LIFTER" or "Helicopter Transportation" until an update with hooking support gets released)
  • optimized performance
  • unnecessary nametags removed


  • UAV Unit, controllable via Terminal (FACTION >> Autonomous >> UCSV)
  • Usable with BluFor, OpFor and Independant Units
  • Thermal Image Texture included
  • 4 Resolution LODs
  • Customizable Textures
  • Signature Key included
  • Server Key included
  • Low Polycount

Should be Multiplayer compatible, although not tested - feedback highly appreciated!


As always - weird flight behavior. If anybody is willing to help me out with that - please drop me a note.


  • getting a scripted version to run
  • waiting for feedback


B_UCSV_01: BLUFOR >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V
B_UCSV_02: BLUFOR >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V. Silver
O_UCSV_01: OPFOR >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V.
I_UCSV_01: Independant >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V. Bumblebee
I_UCSV_02: Independant >> Autonomous >> U.C.S.V.


Unmanned Cargo & Support Vehicle U.C.S.V. v1.1

Alternative: UCSV.rar (~13MB)
And the included readme.txt (1.1)

The new textures:


Sidenote: When I had the idea for this vehicle, I had almost no clue about the ARMA Engine and its Editing features. But as one can always learn new stuff, I decided to finish this project and put the Unit ingame. I literally absorbed the Biki, read hundreds of threads about SQF, O2 and so on and finally got here. Simply said, this project means to me: Learning by Doing. Once I understood the basic concepts of ARMA Editing and everything that belongs to it, it was pretty straight forward. So I hope, this note motivates other Editing "Newbies".
It's not that hard!
Also note (sad, but necessary): All assets and game models used within this mod must not be de-compiled or ripped under any circumstances. By using this mod you understand that the following models are property of the author and that the following must be adhered to. Alteration or using the files for anything other than their sole purpose must require the author's permission.

(Initial, old post)

Hi community,

I recently started modeling a cargo drone because I thought, it would be nice to have such a thing ingame and a assign a special role to this unit.
The main function of this drone is limited to transporting small vehicles (Quads, etc.) and supply stuff (Ammo Crates, etc.). I think, this is the perfect extension of the current logistics system, especially for huge distances at Altis.

The main advantages:
  • Small unit, therefore small footprint
  • Quite fast and maneuverable
  • Fast transport of items over long distances

Though, there are some disadvantages:
  • Not very robust, so probability to lose cargo when vehicle is shot down
  • Can only transport small items
  • Flight characterisitcs change with cargo - therefore inconsistent handling

The design was influenced by Lockheed-Martin's Transformer TX, which currently exists in various concept arts only. So I created one in 3D.
The game model itself has about 11.600 triangles, comes with 5-7 LODs and functions to hook the above mentioned units to the vehicle.
Currently, I'm tweaking the UV Maps, then I will bake it. After that, the texturing process will begin. I will keep this thread updated.

I would be glad, if someone would help me scripting the flight characteristics - I'm not sure if I can afford much time reading myself into the reference. So any help would be appreciated. (Especially for the dynamic mass/inertia calculation - my physic skills became a bit rusty ).

Please leave me some critics - good as well as bad, but be constructive. What do you think of this unit and its abilities/value?


I wanted to add some screenshots to this post, but it's my first one. So I will post them in the second one.

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Here is a preview of the model flying ingame.


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