SMD_Assets Standalone PBO Release

Hello Again!

I've completed the config for the Skins/Assets that Pliskin did for our DayZ Sahrani Project.

Many folks showed interest so as promised here they are!

They include:
ATACS Camo Vehicles and Units (SMD PMC)

From Left to Right:
Desert ATACS UH1, Desert ATACS Camo PMC unit (Frost), Urban ATACS Camo PMC unit (Frost), Tiger Camo Texture for Vilas SWAT Unit, Desert ATACS C130, Desert Desert Top Half Ghillie Suit, Desert Ghillie Suite, ATACS AH6,

Black Ops Vehicles and Units

Black Ops Digital Vehicles and Units

RACS Vehicles and Units (SMD RACS) - we have named units to ensure no conflicts with Project RACS
RACS Digital Vehicles and Units (SMD RACS)

UN Vehicles and Units

*Both will be redone once A2 Mlods are available in order to avoid the mirrored text on the opposite side.

Some Goofier units as well including Magnum PI AH/MH skin I will forever be in love with.

This is my first config from head to toe, and am not an Arma centric modder, so may have missed some things for the config. Don't be shy if you let me know what needs fixing I'll have a look!

I've commented out a LOT of the skins for AH6J and MH6 models because they're not working, not sure why, but those two heli's only like wearing stock or Magnum PI skins.

This package no longer requires Vilas Police. BIG THANKS to Vilas!

I have added all of the Chernarus, and Sahrani Civilians which all now equip backpacks. There are also 5 Ghillie suit models that also show a backpack properly.

In addition to the Vilas sourced Units, Plisken retextured the Frost Character as well.

I have broken up this package into 3 parts:

1. smd_assets - Includes all the vehicles
2. smd_buildings - Includes all the smd_buildings, the Sahrani Misc Objects, AND our custom Misc Objects (WIP) as well as some objects from our DayZ mod which are not configured for the editor as yet.
3. smd_units - All the Character Units

This is an older video which does not show all the items, There are missions included in the downloads to quickly view the contents of the packages, with the exception of the smd_buildings mission/PBO, the missions are ALL for smd_sahrani_a2. The smd_buildings release has all the opened buildings placed on the NWAF on Chernarus. Here's a quick vid (whoops, was meant to be edited a bit but it's late):

Media Fire

Google Drive
Media Fire

Google Drive
Media Fire

Google Drive

UNITS (Excluding Vilas units obviously) -

Faction and Class Name List

Vilas for his amazing Police Units and willingness to share with the community!
PLEASE consider donating to this long standing member of the community!

Bohemia Interactive for their wonderful games and willingness to allow works such as these based on their amazing models.

This skin pack is the work of Plisken, ZombieDanceLeader, and ShermanFTW
Configs by NonovUrbizniz (cifordayzserver(me))

The Sahrani Mod Dev team:
Founding Members:
M1lkM8n - Terrain Lead - Art, Modelling, Terrain Editing
Seven - Art, Modelling, Programming
ShermanFTW - Founder - Art, Modelling, Programming
NonovUrbizniz - Project Coordinator - Permissions, Tester
Team Members:
CyberSam248 - Modelling
Grafzahl - Programming
J3T - Programming
Pliskin - Art, Testing
Yoshi - Art
Xerxes - Modelling
ZombieDanceLeader - Art


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