ZAM Glasses

LHM Glasses

I thought I would share some of the mod I am currently working on. It has gone through several iterations since I started working on it, from a simple screen tinting based on the glasses worn to overlays for combat/diving goggles to the possibility of explosions cracking glasses.

Version 2.2.1
Requires: CBA 3

Install Instructions:
- Unzip
- Place with your other mods
- Move the folders/files within the userconfig folder within @LHM to the userconfig folder in the root of Arma 3
- Add @LHM to your mod line using your favourite launcher (or the manual way)
- Remove @zam_glasses from modline if you used it before.

Current features:
  • Provides a visual screen tinting based on the glasses/goggles being worn, also effects the brightness of the sun as glasses should.
  • Provides a visual overlay for goggles (Combat Goggles/Diving Goggles)
  • Provides an improved goggles/glasses experience, where the item worn has the potential to break from explosions.
  • Dirt from explosions linger on glasses with the ability to clean them.
  • Dust from firing a weapon while prone appears on screen for a short period of time
  • Rain appears on glasses/goggles
  • Cleaning glasses animation
  • Ability to clean glasses via keys (ctrl + t by default) see notes.
  • Rotor wash effects

Current Known Issues:
  • UI gets hidden by goggles overlay (
  • Glasses won't be updated when set via VAS (When using add item, works when loading a loadout)
  • No animation when prone
  • When a key has been assigned to the same key as clear glasses key it won't function. (changeable in userconfig)

  • ctrl + T anywhere to wipe glasses changeable in userconfig/LHM/LHM_Glasses.hpp
  • Remove ZAM_Glasses if you have it installed, it is no longer maintained or supported.



Thanks to:
- The.D for the Combat Goggles overlay (non-cracked) and dust overlay.


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