TPW MODS: enhanced realism/immersion for Arma 3 SP

TL;DR - Single highly configurable mod for enhanced realism and immersion in Arma 3 SP


[ANIMALS 1.32, BOATS 1.24, CARS 1.34, CIVS 1.33, HOUSELIGHTS 1.07, PARK 1.08, RADIO 1.14, STREETLIGHTS 1.01] Redundant civilian, house and sun angle code moved out to TPW CORE, for reduced code size and improved efficiency and ease of updating.
[CORE 1.00] See above.
[HUD 1.10] Unit scanning effectiveness reduced at longer range.
[FOG 1.17] Lower temperature if overcast.

[HUD 1.09] HUD element structured text may now be edited in the TPW_MODS.hpp. Ctrl-H resets HUD functions while adjusting brightness, and can be used to remove icon glitches which can appear after certain loading of save game conditions.
[STREETLIGHTS 1.01] Changes to streetlight colour selection.
[FOG 1.16] Lowered maximum temperature for ground/breath fog to 10degC.
[RADIO 1.13] Uses addmusicevenhandler, should cause fewer conflicts with other jukebox scripts.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[HUD 1.08] Fixed sporadic HUD flickering issues.

[HUD 1.07] Velocity displayed in knots when in aircraft. HUD icons rotate according to unit stance. HUD icons displayed over approximate centre-of-mass of each unit.

[HUD 1.06] HUD will not display units/markers closer than a user specified distance.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[FOG 1.15] User defined fog settings are respected if ground fog and rain fog are disabled.
[HUD 1.05] HUD displays map placed markers whose description begins with "!!" (no quotes). HUD correctly positioned after team switching.
Brain dead developer uploaded incorrect hpp file. Please either redownload mod with correct hpp, or copy the values from here

[AIR 1.25] Will spawn any aircraft, regardless of mods (thanks to Larrow for class based aircraft detection code).
[HUD 1.04] Structured text in HUD elements for improved aesthetics. HUD displays un-named map placed markers.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[ALL] Moduload expempt.

[ALL] All TPW MODS now work when resuming save games - Thanks to Killzone for the inspiration.
[HUD 1.03] HUD will work during team switching. HUD no longer interferes with other scripts using oneachframe.
[AIR 1.24] Bug fix - will not try to spawn helicopters that aren't in the config.

[HUD 1.02] All HUD elements can be individually sized and placed. HUD can be scaled and offset. Enemies correctly coloured if playing as OPFOR. Compass points on AZT display.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

[BLEEDOUT 1.10] Player will no longer automatically stand after healing
[HUD 1.01] HUD will initialise if TPW FOG not active. No HUD in 3rd person or on map.

[BLEEDOUT 1.09] More efficient eventhandler based healing detection. Properly handle configuration values for crouching, prone and incapacitation.
[HUD 1.00] HUD when player is wearing tactical goggles.
Please update your /userconfig/tpw_mods/tpw_mods.hpp

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