Artificial intelligence Support System! Released



AISS (Artificial Intelligence Support System)

Mikey74 Lead coder, but by no means an expert!!! lol
XMDM Testing, advice, and keeping me in line.
Johny97 Helping me look at this through a teenagers eyes.

Testers for AISS:
N_Icomach,and the 72nd ODA

My short description of this would be: Combining arms of arma3.

Description and instructions for use of AISS2:

Delete any previous AISS mods.
Put AISS2 (userconfig folder) in a folder called userconfig.
Place @AISS2 folder in your mod folder. There are a few links on that tell you the best way of doing this.
Make sure @AISS is selected in your mod manager and enjoy.


Przemro, and N_Icomach and the 72nd ODA for testing and advice on servers and what they see. Without there help I'd miss a lot more than I already do. Thanks guys!!!
I also want to include Das Attorney for his valuable tips about coding, and he wrote the window/door part of my Garrison script.

************ The Addon and script ************

AISS2 Alpha Release 3

AISS2 Now Server ready!!!!!
There may be few bugs I may have to work out but fully tested couple times and so far so good.
Fixed XAISS undefined variable error.
Few other minor fixes I cannot remember.


Convert AI SQF's to FSM's for stability and performance.

Add more features for AI and immersion.

Set it up where you can combine certain modules. IE Garrison and support So a group that goes into Garrison will leave its Garrison and go support another units if its called.

AISS2 Alpha Release 2.1.2

Fixed excluded groups. They were taken out of every pool except supporting pool. This is fixed. Keep in mind that Vanilla troops are not that stupid. If Artillery is going off around them or big explotions they will change to combat behavior, but this will not be AISS telling them to do so. AISS doesnt change combat stance except with mechs and Garrisoning troups to make them mount and dismount more efficiantly.
Add user configs options for you to decide what strength enemy vs AI should be in order to call for support.

AISS2 Alpha Release 2.1.1

Fixed Patrol script
Patrol script recognizes better userconfig definitions of patrol distance.
Vehicle units no longer get out then back in to go on a patrol.
Patroling units will patrol several waypoints return back to original postion and gain a different set of patroling waypoints. Keeps things interesting imho.

AISS2 Combining Arma Alpha 2.1

AISS2 Alpha Release 2.1

Added option in user configs for using AISS2 module or AISS2 starting automatically
Added a module for editor placed buildings.
updated Intruction_mission with new options and modules.
couple other small tweaks

AISS2 Combining Arms Alpha 2


Through out AISS1 and started over.
Rewritten from ground up.

************ Stuff to know disclaimer ************

This is an addon. Just unzip the file and place the @AISS folder in your mods collection folder.
I also have the script in the addons folder its in another AISS folder it has all you would need to make it your own addon if you so decide to change some stuff. Feel free to do with as you please. But share :P as Im still learning and if I like the changes and you are ok with it. I'll incorporate it in.

The sounds are from JSRS sound mod 2.0

*********** Requirments ***********

"2013-12-17 13:48 Posted by wllmshrwn AISS download section

This is the best AI Mod I've ever used since I started playing Arma. The AI truly operate independent of the mission creator once the mission begins; every mission they respond differently; the artillery barrages are horrific; every game play is unique. Thanks and keep up the good work!This Mod rocks."

If you would like to be added to testimonials let me know


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