USEC arma 2 mods by Rocket public release

With the move to a newer platform (arma 3) we traditionally like to release our private addons and missions for the community to tinker with and enjoy.

A lot of features of the mod set require a mother/hive system implemented to work.
you will need a dedicated Windows Server box capable of running ArmA2, MySQL, and a webapp.
  • This allows many things including:
  • Training completed online results in instant awarding of qualification ribbons and badges
  • Online statistics and scoring for assessments
  • Persistent aircraft and vehicles, tracking vehicle hours used etc...
  • Activity report, logging hours played, events, kills
  • Base Building persistence, restarting the server it streams in buildings
  • Persistent supplies, use a magazine and the count goes down

  • The mission framework itself, taking inspiration from Norrin's work and the ACE mod includes:
  • Fully developed Medical System, with Morphine, Epi, Bandages, and particle effects for bleeding
  • AI controlled "Air Boss"
  • Dialog controls for debarkation
  • Side Missions: Capture, Destroy, Kill - fully randomized with professional briefings
  • Custom damage effects and sounds
  • Back Blast Damage Area simulation for rocket launchers, tanks, bombs, etc...
  • Realtime editor for enemy
  • Base Building
  • Logistics Supply delivery required for base building
  • Aerial dropping of Supplies for base building, or unloading after landing

Revolutions details


PM if you need assistance with the mods and I'll try to help or contact a USEC member.

So many people have assisted in the development of these mods over the years so it would be nearly impossible to list them all here.
Lead Developers:
All the members of USEC for funding models, directional guidance and tons of tisting (testing)


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