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HAL 1.14 released.

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Same, as HAC for Arma 2, HAL is intended to enliven the battlefield of Arma 3 the same way a human leader would operate. HAL does not deal with the manner in which orders are executed (unit level), but mainly deals with the issuing of orders. In other words, this addon gives one or both sides of a conflict a field-commander level AI.

The addon ”HAL” is continuator of A2's HAC for Arma 3. HAL 1.0 simply moves HAC 1.46 from Arma 2 to Arma 3. If you are familiar with HAC, you are ready to go. Others should check included manual and demo missions. HAL is relatively easy in basic use, but provides many optional features and config possibilities, that make HAL flexible, but also pretty complex mission making tool. Very few things was changed comparing to HAC 1.46 (MP, order notifications, artillery, some config variables…). However future versions of HAL may introduce new functionalities based on features provided by Arma 3.

One of most important goals of this addon is to keep high compatibility level with other addons, in particular those that extend the possibilities of AI for units and groups. HAL control is mostly based on issuing waypoints, and as much as possible HAL avoids interfering with low-level AI. In other words, HAL focuses on giving orders, rather than on the way in which orders will be executed.

HAL gives new, higher level AI, rather than changing the existing AI. There are only a very few exceptions to this rule, and generally these are optional. HAL should therefore enrich the gaming experience with new features, without conflicts with other addons. HAL is intended to complement their effects rather than to compete with them for control over units (at least for those addons that do not mess with waypoints).

HAL can serve as an instant battle generator as well as a general player opponent, or as base for complex missions and/or gameplay modes.

Addon version requires Community Base Addons.



To activate HAL for one side, one of the units of that side must be named LeaderHQ. Essential also is the placement on the map of any object (for example, an empty trigger) named RydHQ_Obj1. The location is entirely your choice. Its position will designate a target point which the Artificial Commander will try to conquer at first (for example, a spot near the leader of the opposing side).

Analogously, there should be placed in freely chosen areas (eg in cities, strategic positions or simply nearby opposite Leader) three other objectives (RydHQ_Obj2, RydHQ_Obj3, RydHQ_Obj4), which will be conquered in numerical order. If the mission designer wants less than four objectives, then simply place the unneeded objectives at same position as the ultimate objective.

For the script version only, to initialize HAL the following code should also be executed in some way, e.g., by placing the following script in the init field of any object (for example, in the activation field of an empty trigger or waypoint):

nul = [] execVM "RydHQInit.sqf";

Alternatively, that line may be placed at the end of a mission's init.sqf. Init.sqf is recommended place for init config variables (beacuse of better readability), especially for bigger configs, eg containing RHQ arrays.

See included manual for all details, and there is lots of them.



SoundSets (4)



- dismiss general Patton; (1.02)
- RHQ check feature; (1.02)
- fundamental code redesign to enable further development; (1.1)
- fix problem with medical support code;(1.1)
- online manual;
- recheck group's behaviour under different behavior modes and movement speeds;
- code for effective usage of A3's UAVs?;
- Change purpose of AOnly and ROnly variables. Groups except SF stored there should be used only for indicated kind of tasks (+ rest/def). Instead NoRecon and NoAttack variables introduced to cover former AOnly/ROnly function; (1.11)
- "FirstToFight" now cause also, that groups from this array will be chosen for proper for them attack from the all groups, that meet all conditions as first, despite distance order; (1.11)
- optional feature to set chosen units and groups as always known and/or unknown to the Leader, regardless of situation; (1.11)
- improved smoke and flares usage; (1.11)
- improved ammo count; (1.11)
- LOS check towards target area for position choosing for recon missions; (1.11)
- RHQ arrays for mortars, SP mortars and rocket arty for adding custom arty pieces under HAL's artillery handler; (1.11)
- update class categories to A3 1.14; (1.11)
- optional setting for simultanous attack of each objective instead of succesive (?); (1.11)
- alternative ("Eastern Bloc" like) attack doctrine mode (?); (wip: 1.2)
- functionality for immediate termination of pending order execution code for chosen group (?); (1.11)
- Improved reliability of artillery handler; (1.11)
- Improved garrisoning code; (1.11)
- HAL's class checks should be not case-sensitive (?);
- kind of cargo sent dependent on roads presence near embarking/disembarking positions... (?); (1.11)
- - "live feed" with most urgent events on battlefield for Leader unit (?); (1.11)
- aerial evac for withdrawing groups (?); (1.11)
- headless client support whatever it is (?).



To all people, that helped me earlier with HAC and did first steps towards Hetman in A3 before me. But especially those, who funded me Arma 3 game, so I could release HAL so soon.



Created any kind of mission utilizing Hetman? Let me know, so I could link it here.



There still are some known small bugs, that I will eliminate ASAP. I also expect, that more bugs will be discovered by HAL users soon. Any feedback, ideas, bug reports are highly appreciated. This allows me to develop Hetman further and faster. You can expect even faster fixing, if bug is reported properly. That means exact and detailed description of the problem and circumstancies of its occurance, any suspicious RPT logs. In most cases crucial is provided repro mission. That means uploaded, ready-to-play mission without any addon dependencies except HAL (so also CBA, bug must occur without any other addons), where I can reliably see reported bug "in action". Such repro is huge help. Helpful is also info about overall circumstancies, like kind of gameplay (single, server, dedi, client...), version of HAL (addon/script), game branch (stable/dev), if PC is good enough for Arma 3...



I'm with pleasure and satisfaction making scripts for free. This way it was, this way it remains. However fact is, I already spent many hundreds of work hours on scripting for Arma 2 and Arma 3 so far and this number is growing third year constantly. So, if you want financially appreciate my efforts, or simply have no idea, what to do with money - here is the place. I do not expect anything, but any, even symbolic donation would be very helpful and appreciated. Will be also a sign for me, so my work is appreciated and needed. So, if you want...



Addon was created "by player for players", source scripts you can freely modify, copy, "cannibalize", to use in your projects. It is released under APL-SA license. I'll be grateful for notification about each such usage.

Enjoy being under control.



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