ArmA 3 Map Pack

Actual version: 1.4

As the Arma community could already see, I've been working for some time on a mod which aims to port Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead maps to Arma 3. So I contacted the developers in order to receive their permission. While I was working, I received many private messages in which you were asking me to release the mod ASAP. I decided to perform some close beta tests whose results are satisfying. Therefore, the next step will be the public test release, I want to stress that it's still the TEST phase and some problems may still appear. I made sure that there are no bugs or crashes during launching or playing the game.

Donation info

You can donate here -> Donations are non-refundable, all the money will be used to maintain the server hosting the files A3mp.


Update is dedicated to KarelMoricky, Dslyecxi and Kju for great support and big help

Changelog v1.4:
- Added new map Bukovina
- Added new map Bystrica
- Added full support for A3MP-AP mod - { No more popup errors on supported by A3MP-AP maps }
- Added support for Zeus { Read new CBA changelog, to avoid misunderstanding }
- Single Player Save support added { Thx DrCataclysm for help }
- Fixed problem with few "holes in maps"
- New server keys
- Fixed compatibility problem with Arma Samples Mod { Only for testers atm }

Changelog v1.3a:
- Keys problem fix
- License edit ( Thanks for feedback )
- Lightings tweaks.

Changelog v1.3:
- Fixed black line error on all maps - Now you can play on Podagorsk, Calfghan and others without black water line problem.
- Fixed problem with black lakes on cherno (Exchange with nice glade's)
- Fixed problem with MP keys (New ones)
- Fixed problem with indestructible object (Most of them)
- License edit ( Read new Read Me )
- Renember, custom A2 maps may popup with some errors in MP, but there is no problem with using them as 3rd party mod in ArmA 3 now with A3MP.

Changelog v1.2:
- ADD: New map - Desert
- ADD: New map - Proving grounds
- ADD: New map - Shapur
- ADD: Added better compatibility with certain maps from ArmA 2 (Like Fallujah or Namalsk )*
- FIX: A3 clouds on all maps
- FIX: Visiblity range fixed on all maps
- FIX: Lighting on Utes
- FIX: Lighting on Takistan
- FIX: Lighting on Zargabad
- FIX: Problem with missing CFG's
- FIX: Water-hit particles fixed
- FIX: Optimization tweaks - Moar FPS
* - There may be problem with " water line " at middle of screen ( Have NO IDEA how to fix it )

Download Full v1.4
Full pack pack - v1.4
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Download via Torrent v1.4 - Renember to SEED please!
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Download in parts v1.4
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Part #2 - v1.4
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Part #3 - v1.4
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ArmA 3 Map Pack - A3MP

Remember to check my A3MP-AP mod!

Special thanks to:
- .kju for help with the mod creation and sharing the AiA configs.
- Fabio for great lighting configuration
- Bohemia Interactive
- Awesome community support
- Rockhount and [] Doc for help with host!

Some informations
- Info about license and version is in Mod folder
- You are not allowed to redistribute this mod, and sign it as your own.
- Please to renember who is 1st author
- You all are allowed to make Takistan Life, Cherno Life based on this mod ofc!
- Share and like our Facebook Click!
- License is APL-SA
- MP Keys included

And again Thanks to kju and Fabio - without them and AiA project, this project would not exist.



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