Minihattan Island

Hey guys!

I now release a test version of a map containing my New York inspired buildings.

The reason for the release is to gather info about how it performs and how I should progress with this project.

It contains 15 custom buildings, most of them fully enterable (some have 30+ floors!).

It's still in the middle of the development process, in other words ALOT of unfinished stuff.
The island is extremly simple, there is no decorative objects at all.
Also the buildings are very empty, since furniture decrease performance alot.
So before adding any details like furniture and stuff in the alleys I need to know how it performs in a clean and simple state.

I ask you to read the "Known bugs list" bellow before posting any bugs.
To help me, focus on answering these questions:
How does it perform?
Should the map be bigger/less decorated or smaller/more decorated?
How do you play the map, against AI or PvP? What should I focus on?

Report other bugs!! And not how empty the buildings are or lame the map is, remember it's released in the middle of development and I need many more months to actually complete it!

All suggestions and ideas are of course appreciated!

The buildings are the main addon, the terrain is just for testing purposes.

Go here to download the map:

I hope to see some missions for it soon and to hear some feedback!

V0.3.1 - Released
-Fixed missing texture

v0.3 - Released
-Optimized buildings
-Better looking LoDs
-Signed all addons

v0.2.2 - Released
-[Performance test]New resolution LoD's for the tallest building
-[Performance test]Middle section of the tallest building can be damaged

v0.2 - Released
-Sharpen edges on skyscrapers to remove blocky look
-Fixed geolod on Hotel1, Mall upper structure, Skyscraper 4, Sky10
-Fixes roadway lod on Hotel 1, Mall upper structure, Row house 1, Skyscraper 4, Sky10
-Fixed the glass in a few buildings
-Added simple bullethole/sound effects when shooting windows
-Fixed bad rotating door
-Fixed holes in some walls
-Fixed missing textures
-Added keypoints
-Added a few interiors
-Edited the terrain
-And more.

v0.1 - Released
-First release

Known bugs:

-Shadows look horrible
-Sidewalks are missing geo-lod, "sticky road" bug (Thanks Zodd)
-Missing ILS in config error when loading map in editor

-Most of the doors are not animated
-Windows are not working, you can either walk through them or not shoot through them Mostly fixed
-LoD switching look horrible
-Buildings have no furniture
-The map has no details
-AI cannot use most of the buildings
-The map lacks variation, the buildings are repetative (Come on dude! I built 15 custom buildings on my free time in 4 months... I have a real job, and it's definitly not 3D modelling.)
-Wrong texture path: bra_omitka_helf_co
-Bugs that you report!

Future plans:

-Fix the roads so they have the same "color"

-Fine tune reflection of the distant LoD's.

-AI can use all buildings
-Build atleast 15 more buildings
-Make it look good
-Add interesting interiors
-Increase performance
-Make an awesome map with detailed alleys and a cool park
-Fix the last of does freaking windows
-Animate all doors
-Ideas that you suggest!


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