"BW-Extended-Mod" by Wolf13898 & (ST6)Predator

This is the first Release for a new Mod for ArmA 3 titled "BW-Extended-Mod" by Wolf13898 & (ST6)Predator

The "BW-Extended-Mod" will fill the "Gaps" in the BW Mod, until new "Reinforcements" comes up from the "real" BW Mod - Team

We use reskinned and renamed original "Arma 3 - Vehicles" to realize a "more complete" German Army

In our first Publication, the first Gaps of the BW-Mod should be closed by using simple Means (Reskinns).

A worth mentioning Highlight of our "BW-Extended-Mod" is the one of us for the "Frogmen" "invented" G36UW/ÜW.

It has the Characteristics of the American Diver-Weapon "SDAR" and can be used both above and below Water.

There is still much to do.

Please report us if you find Errors

After our first Release, we still have a few Surprises on Stock

Important Note :

You need the BW-Mod for Arma 3 to Play the "BW-Extended-Mod" :

Best Regards


Special thanks to :

* Bohemia Interactive for the amazing Sandbox Platform you have given us!

* "GLT Legislator" who allowed us to use his "Reskinnes"

* Bundeswehr-Mod-Team for their wonderful Mod

* "Hamburger SV" from "Bundeswehr-Mod-Team" who allowed us to use their Weapons and Soldiers

* "Robert Hammer" for his Help to create the config of our new for the Diver invented "G36UW/ÜW"


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