Real Armor Mod

Real Armor Mod 0.0.61 Alpha


What does it do?
  • Effectively eliminates the "hit point" system of vehicle damage*
  • All damage is based on penetration, non-penetrating hits no longer harm vehicles*
  • All weapons are given penetration values based on their real-world equivalents (or as near as can be in the case of fantasy/"future" weapons)
  • HEAT warheads and anti-HEAT armor (composites like "Chobham", ERA, slatted armor, etc.) can be implemented.
  • WARNING: tanks can be hard to kill--particularly from the front--this behavior is realistic & intentional!

  • Alpha 0.0.1 Initial release
    • A preliminary pass. Will give pretty good results for armor vs. armor.
    • Slammer is immune to damage
    • configs have not been trimmed or cleaned up at all - will not play well with other mods
  • Alpha 0.0.3
    • Slammer immunity fixed
    • Starting to calibrate explosives & missiles (PCML & RPG-42 are done).
    • APC's are still too damage resistant, but it's not terrible. (I plan to fix it).
    • configs trimmed down and cleaned up to play better with other mods.
  • Alpha 0.0.35
    • Fix for PCML & RPG flying through vehicles.
    • config files trimmed to the bone--only changed values are in there.
  • Alpha 0.0.4
    • Tweaked vehicles to make them more vulnerable to penetrating damage (particularly APC's). This also makes them slightly more vulnerable to non-penetrating damage, but I think the net result is more realistic.
    • zeroed MBT passThrough, but retained on APC HitFuel (altho it diminishes the effect of armor thickness; you could even make this value higher to reflect sensitive fuel tanks I suppose)
    • increased (weakened) explosionShielding on APCs
    • Discovered adding caliber causes missile bugs and removed all missiles from mod for time being. :( They still work more realistically than they used to, but they do not use precise penetration values as the properly working weapons do.
  • Alpha 0.0.5
    • Missile & Rocket penetration enabled courtesy of Bakerman's AIS_Penetration (RAM variant)
    • Advanced armor support but not for vanilla A3 vehicles
    • Tank damage sensitivity increased
    • Signed with my key to facilitate MP
  • Alpha 0.0.6
    • Fixed AIS munitioin problem
    • Make tracked vehicles susceptible to mines
    • Make APC's (especially AA variants) more sensitive to damage
  • Alpha 0.0.61
    • Fixed AIS munition offset caused by latest BIS update
What does it not do?
  • No changes to soldier damage
  • No changes to air or sea vehicles (not yet anyway)
  • *While this mod is not "perfect" (and probably never will be unless BIS decides to do some rewriting), the results--especially for A2 ports--are as detailed as you've seen in Arma. It probably outperforms all but the most hardcore armor sims (i.e. Steel Beast Pro).

What's the future plan?

  • Olds (instigator and causer of mistakes)
  • Bakerman (script guru)

Special Thanks
  • Sakura-Chan (for excellent contributions to the armor thread that kicked this all off)
  • zGuba (all-around helpful BIS developer)
  • Mikero's incomparable DOS tools!
  • Hypnomatic & Dslyecxi (for the fun and useful projectile tracing script/scenario)
  • VKing (for modding practices help from a pro)
  • kju & the helpful gang at CUP

  • See Documentation post.--applies to RAM config changes only.
  • CBA & Bakerman's contributions (all scripts) are subject to their own licensing terms(!)
  • I recommend you PM me for assistance if anything is unclear in the documentation.

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