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South Zagorian Army
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South Zagoria
Soldiers relaxing; the two in khaki vests are reminiscing about older days in their old uniforms.

This addon aims to create a fictional army based upon the South Zagorian/Chernarussian region that has been created in ArmA 2, and is based upon fictional events which occur after the fictional events which originally occured in ArmA 2. This army utilizes mainly modifications of Afghanistan-era Soviet Arms, thanks to control of a few factories in the northern part of Chernarus. This release has infantry units and a UAZ, other vehicles will come later.

A basic summary is as follows: After the ChDKZ forces were largely subdued by the combined USMC/CDF presence, a small pocket was capable of gaining strong support from Russia to take back the region of Chernarus, recieving support in the form of funds and arms, under the condition that the new army obey international laws. This new South Zagorian Army is meant to distance itself from the war crimes commited by the ChDKZ.

These units should be compatible with ALiVE, please inform me if they do not work properly.


CDF and Takistani Army units are also present, using the AK-74 and AKM, respectively. They are on BluFor and OpFor, respectively, and are meant to be the main enemies of the South Zagorian Army, bordering it on the South and West, respectively.

Soldiers being inspected by an officer. The front two have been modernized already, while the two in the back are still using the old equipment.

A large group of soldiers undergoing a last inspection by their officer before heading out.

-Made more realistic ballistics and multiple ammo types for all calibers used in the addon:
-Added Modernized CDF, with western themes and new uniform
-Added Modernized South Zagoria, with new uniform
-Added AK-101
-Added m16a2, m16a3, m16a4, m16a5 (fictional, FA variant), m4, m4a1
-Added Scar-L, Scar-H in short/standard/long variants
-Added XM8
-Added FN FAL, Ishapore 2A (Lee-enfield in 7.62x51 NATO)
-Added m249 Saw, m249 para, M240
-Added PKM
-Added SVD, Mk12
-Added GP-25 to all weapons capable of supporting it
-Added PSO optic in 2x, 3x, 4x, 6x, 8x, 12x fixed versions
-Added variable-zoom PSO in 2x-6x, 3x-9x, and 4x-12x versions
-Groups have been changed to make each faction more unique and realistic
-Squad leaders and other units who have optics now generally start with their optic on the rifle
-1p78 can now switch between day-reticle and night-reticle by zooming in/out

Old Versions:

No requirements
A magazine-repacking addon such as Outlawled's is recommended, though

Known Issues:


Diplomatic Relationships of South Zagoria:

Extra Screenshots:

Bohemia Interactive Studios:
For the great game of ArmA, and for the sample models which have been used for this addon

For the AK and 30mm cannon sounds, and for help with configuring them

For his great Ballistics Calculator


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