All in Arma Standalone (AiA SA) - A1/A2/OA content in A3

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= What is 'All in Arma Standalone' =

It allows you to use all the content of the other Arma games in Arma 3 - namely Arma 1, Arma 2 and Operation Arrowhead.

From terrains to weapons, vehicles, missions and eventually infantry - all your beloved Arma content available inside Arma 3.
AiA SA serves as an unified base for mission designers as well as for multiplayer to allow everyone to easily join servers.
It also makes it possible to use community made content from previous Arma products in Arma 3 (except infantry).

= Promo videos =

Trailer by EvroMalarkey

Call for your vote by ChrzRw79

= Current state =

All A1/A2/OA infantry units use A3 models. The Community Upgrade Project and the AiA SA High Quality pack will provide replacements soon.
Tanks and cars are missing most engine sounds and tanks easily flip over. Only BI can sort these out.

Aside from those the rest works basically. There are still plenty of smaller to bigger problems.
All A2/OA worlds are using the Stratis lighting and sky configuration tweaked by Fabio_Chavez. Further tweaks to come.
Ambient animals (sea and land) are also in now based on the Stratis configuration - to be adjusted.

Basic A1 terrain support is available, as well as an A1 to A2/OA classes mapping - in other words A1 missions and campaigns should be somewhat playable.
A2/OA/DLC scenarios are present and are mostly well playable. The campaigns while present are mostly completely broken, so is Warfare.

Play withSIX support is coming soon. It may also contain the feature to use found Arma games as base for the setup (=> way less data to download).

Please report any issues you encounter in the AiA issue tracker.
Please read the notes how to report problems in the AiA wiki.

Note this is just the first version and you can expect many updates in the coming weeks ahead.

= Differences to old AiA version =

  • A1/A2/OA no longer required
  • However 18 GB torrent download instead (download time calculator)
  • OA DLCs are included
  • Simplifed the installtion and modline a huge deal - just one modfolder
  • A2/OA infantry models no longer supported (until BI fixes the compatibility issues)
  • TKOH is no longer supported for now - however will be back soon
  • Less rpt spam - goal is to get to zero
  • Ponds removed by default
  • Buildings and misc pbos from A1 and A2 merged by default

= Download and play =


  • Changed: Improve anti roll over system for tanks.
  • Changed: Improve linkedItems design.
  • Changed: Change crew classes of A1 vehicles to SoldierXB_A1 compatibility classes.
  • Fixed: Lighting in all terrains. The sun is back!
  • Fixed: Infantry weapon have almost no recoil.
  • Fixed: All infantry use the same face and speak English.
  • Fixed: Sniper rifles and machine guns also use the secondary weapon slot.
  • Fixed: Stratis cicada's sound is heard on arma 2 maps.

Download: patch 1 (torrent, size 972.6 MB)

Read in the All in Arma wiki the Download & Install guide.

= How can you assist =

If you want to help with this project, you can do so in many ways:

  • Try it and play it
  • If you like it, tell your friends or reddit
  • Promote it with screenshots or videos
  • Join the Community Upgrade Project to help further improve it
  • Give feedback and report issues
  • Build a promotion website
  • Anything else you can think of being useful

Feel free to contact me by PM or mail, if you want to contribute.

If you want to donate:

= Updates =

Click the link to the view the full changelog.

= Interviews =

# Issue 1 - Pilot Issue by ChrzRw79
# Issue 5 - "All in Arma" Update / Call for vote by ChrzRw79

= License =

CC BY-NC-SA 4.0: Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International
APL-SA: Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

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