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H.A.L.O. System
DemonDropper - v0.1 BETA
CURRENT STATUS: v0.1 Released


Work-In-Progress. This will be my first official Addon for the ArmA community! The BETA Version will likely be released in April 2014. This HALO System will allow you to Jump from extreme altitudes over 30,000ft from a C130 Hercules Aircraft. There will be a few Altimeters included to start. The Altimeters will be reading Barometric Pressure. ASL, Above-Sea-Level. You will need to know the Altitude of the DropZone if conditions are bad, as in real-life. Tracking over 2km while in FreeFall is possible; more if under canopy for a HAHO. The jump location and altitude will be random. System should work for ANY Map! Use-at-your-own-risk. Not responsible for minds-blown!!

There will be a helmet-view complete with custom sounds and dramatic environmental effects! Your visor can (and will) fog-up, freeze over, can crack, etc. There will be thermal layers and accurate and varied temperatures displayed for most ArmA Maps and Climates. The temperature will also fluctuate with months, seasons, and time-of-day.

The Altimeters will be displayed by using your 'Watch' button while geared-up in your HALO Gear for any Keyboard or Gaming Controller. If you are NOT Geared-up properly, the JumpMaster will deny your Jump and you will have to recheck and repack your gear. The temperature at extreme altitude can reach -70*F with little to NO Oxygen! Thermal Outfit, Helmet, and Oxygen Supply IS required. ALL your Gear will be saved and packed into the Pack attached onto your front so you can Jump into the AO fully combat-ready! Water landings possible (and encouraged) for the Black-Ops operative you know you want to be!!!

Check back for updates and progress reports. More TBA later...
"Getting there is half the fun!"

JumpBuddy I:
  • Readouts in FT and M ASL
  • Compass Heading & Arrow
  • GPS Receiver
  • Weather Radio
  • SaO2 Readout
  • 24hr Digital Clock
  • Temperature Readout
  • Warning Lighting
  • Night Lighting
  • H.A.L.O. Black/Orange
  • Navy SEAL Black/Blue
  • Military Olive Drab

(The JumpBuddy II and III are also in the works, but will not likely be released until next Fall/Winter if I have time. They will be more on the fictitious-end of the spectrum.)

1. Currently this Addon will require the C130J Cargo Mod by theebu, but I will work on another version that is a completely vanilla drag-and-drop folder. Install is easy for the general public. Just Copy & Paste the Folder/Files. (Update: Releasing Mod-Version instead) Then place the C130 wherever you want on the ground, name it VQIHALO1, and you're done! The System will then setup and build itself to work on any map/mission/game Stratis & Altis.
2. CBA Required - Community Based Addons

To design and build a desk/office that you will check into to see IF there are any C130 Flights to catch a ride on and request a flyover of a potential AO. The request will be either accepted or denied. You will have to fill-out some paperwork and request the route and altitude over the hostile territory. This will likely be in v2 if I have time.

  • BIS still has to fix the animations: Ground Landing - you get back up when you should stay prone.
  • BIS still has to fix the animations: Water Landing - the animation is AWFUL! You start to walk like you are on land. Ugh! Hopefully they can fix these soon...
  • Sound Glitch after the Chute is pulled. Echo/Reverb. Anyone know why? I really do not want to release the BETA Version until I can fix this.
  • Just need to finish getting it MP ready and polish up the cool effects. It's about 98% ready as-of this writing.
  • Unclear how the Altimeter will display on other screen sizes. Any SafeZone tips? A tad fuzzy on this. This may be a Mod-breaker.
  • ONLY works good for Altis & Stratis. The mapSize doesn't work well with Custom/A2 Maps. Will have to update/fix code for EACH Map that doesn't work. (low priority)
  • Some MP bugs. (may or may not be related) Weird camShake sometimes, and once in a while the host player will be invisible in aircraft. Kooky.
  • Some features NOT INCLUDED in BETA release. There will only be the ONE COLOR to start. No Night-lighting, Compass arrow missing, etc.
  • Only human players for now. May add AI compatible later. (very low priority)
  • Can not get 'Side-Chat' thingy to work the way I want for spawned-in Jumpmaster and Crewmaster talking. (need player-viewed only) Any tips?
  • Loophole where Crewmaster (inside plane) will let you continue WITHOUT a parachute. (high priority - fixed soon) Get your chute from the Jumpmaster!
  • Wetsuit added soon. Since you jump with my custom Stingray rebreather (NATO approved), water-landings are still safe.
  • No Night Jump-Light-System. (high priority) Will add very soon. Just jump whenever you are ready.
  • No way of checking where the Jump plane is sitting (only in test example mission). Will add in next release. Name is VQIHALO2 if using a script to find/mark.

Several virtual soldiers were killed in the making of this Mod. For Sale: Used Parachute; never opened; small stain. Oh, and... Use-At-Your-Own-Risk! I'm not a professional programmer.

Check here at the First Post for official updates. I do not think your notifications will alert you if you are following through a subscription. You may have to check-back in from time to time. I will be adding and setting up an Armaholic account soon as well.



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