XTacticalHud - A reason to use the TacticalGoggles



  • When TacticalGoggles and GPS is worn a small HUD item will become visible which shows the rough direction (N, NNE, NE, ...) + the exact direction (0 - 359)
  • AirMissions - JTACs can use the "AirMission control device" to create missions for pilots. The JTAC(only with tactical goggles and mission is in viewDistance) and the pilot(only when pilot helmet is worn and mission is assigned) are able to see the missions on their 3D HUD

What is this?

X39s Tactical HUD gives the player a good reason to use the tactical goggles! When worn the tactical goggles are worn in combination with a GPS they will be linked together so that the current heading is displayed

How does it look?


I got ideas for additional HUD elements but where to post them?

You have reached the destination already pilot! Simply post them ^^

Im on the map but no HUD?

Make sure your player has one of the two tactical goggles:
  • G_Tactical_Black
  • G_Tactical_Clear

Im wearing the TacticalGoggles but still no HUD

Make sure you got a GPS in your active inventory

How to open the AirMissionControlUI

Make sure you got the "X39_TacticalHud_AirMissionControlDevice" in your active inventory and press the key setted inside of the userconfig (default: UserKey 3)

How to open the MFD for the pilots

press the key setted inside of the userconfig (default: UserKey 4)



* changed command to get heading from direction to eyeDirection
* added airMissionSystem
* enlarged the default HUD text
* now also displaying grid coordinates
* rscText elements are now centered
* added userconfig file where you can set the keys for the airMission feature and enable/disable some hud elements

Future Vision (green = will come/is worked on, yellow = could come at some time, red = not that likely to come, grey + striked = already implemented)
  1. # Grid location
  2. # Height over sea level
  3. # Current time
  4. # something that 'marks' the position of enemies
  5. # Waypoint/Task info
  6. # Facebook status
  7. # Distance to currentLookTarget when using the AlienHelmet of CSAT
  8. # every group have a symbol over the head indicating what kind of it is (Heli, tracked)
  9. # IN COMBINATION WITH 3: Using UAVs to get intel about enemy movements
  10. # Creating FireMissions for pilots which those can see if they are in an airVehicle (airVehicle should have CDU onboard but could also be in first versions that its not required and working in all airVehicles)


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