L86a2 & acog


Started experimenting with porting A2 > A3 last week and decided to try and bring the L86A2 over to A3. I have no previous experience with modeling or using any software of the sorts and only limited config/texture knowledge, so everything has been a learning process from the start with tons of scrapped attempts! Thanks to Kiory's L85A2 source files i managed to figure most of it out by using it as a template, but i still suspect there is a lot of things that have been done incorrectly on my end! Regardless, the weapon is 100% working without generating any errors (that i'm aware of) and have sounds from LordJarhead! Also included is an ACOG which i think is supposed to resemble the Trijicon TA31F-RMR.

It features custom Iron Sights (from Kiory), animated bolt/mag/muzzle flash and slightly edited textures which is still too shiny and bright imo, but i haven't gotten around to learning how to deal with that yet!

Massive thanks to Kiory/LordJarhead for help and files provided and of course Bohemia for the A2 source files!

The files are unbinarized and you are free to do whatever you want with it provided you seek permission from Kiory & LJ to use their stuff!


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