1st BBR EZ Markers (beta)


EZ Markers is a mod that generates map markers and optional 'signs'. The intent is to provide easier access to map markers as well as utilizing a large number of markers generated to
MIL-STD 2525C standards (not all of them, just the relevant symbols that would be typical in ARMA). The mod is currently functional, however much of the symbology has not been implemented yet. Some of the interface needs tweaking for easier use. I can use any feedback on how to improve the functionality. The mod is mostly self explaintory, but check the video for a quick demo.

  • Keys are provided, but I have not checked their validity, please let me know if the signing is incorrect.
  • The mod is Client/Server, the Server executes the creation of markers and send commands for the clients to create signs. Most of the execution is client based.
  • Network traffic is minimal (unless dozens are creating markers and signs all at the same time).
  • I need opinions on whether limits should be placed on players (sign creation could get out of hand).


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