Curator Presets Mod

Curator Presets Mod

This is an addon for Arma 3 that provides script presets in Zeus (aka Curator) mode in the Modules screen. This mod is very simple but very useful now that Zeus has been released to Stable. I needed a way to run scripts on objects but not have to give debug console access both in the mission and to users in general. As a result I came up with this mod to help provide some extra utility to Zeus. It's still very basic and needs a ton of work but I wanted to throw it out here for you guys to consume and try out.


This mod currently provides a number of utility functions through Zeus-enabled modules. The following is a list of the modules that I currently have implemented.

  • Artillery - Calls for artillery fire from the unit using coordinates, ammo type, and round count
  • CWS Injury Load - Loads Chessmaster's Wounding System onto the unit
  • Damage Component - Damages the unit's component based on the component selected and the damage slider
  • Helicopter Land - Calls the unit to land on the ground
  • Helicopter Hover - Calls the unit to decend low enough to get in
  • Unit Recruitable - Adds an action to the unit that allows players to recruit into their own group
  • Unit Speed - Sets the unit speed to limited, normal, or full based on the selection
  • Unit Surrender - Calls the unit to surrender
  • Vehicle Disembark - Calls the passengers, crew, or all units in the vehicle to disembark
  • Virtual Ammobox System - Loads the Virtual Ammobox System onto the unit/object

Currently these modules are in the Modules screen in Zeus under the Zeus category. I'm still working on a custom category but for now this is where the modules will be.


Current Version: 1.4
Source Repository: source


Known Issues

  • Surrendered units become unuseable after surrendering


  • v1.4 - Fixed global and persistent issues with some modules
  • v1.3 - Added Artillery and Vehicle Disembark modules, Fixed mod logo
  • v1.2 - Implemented config dialogs for Component Damage and Unit Speed
  • v1.1 - Added bisign keys, Fixed Curator messages, Added recruit unit module
  • v1.0 - Initial alpha release


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