RWCO: Rotor Wing Combat Overhaul


This mod is intended to bring some much needed enhanced gameplay and realism to the helicopters of Arma 3.

I release this under the Arma Public License Share Alike (APL-SA)

Special thanks:
-Aplion: For his work importing Arma 2 Helicopters.
-Olds: For useful advice on writing configs.
-Niipaa: For his A3B Arcade Helicopters mod, which I dissected in the process of learning how to modify vehicle configs.

What's In Alpha 1?:

AH-99 Blackfoot:
-Laser designator added
-DAGR is now SALH (Semi-Active Laser Homing), can only lock onto laser targets and can no longer be manually guided.
-DAGR warhead rebalanced. Less effective vs. armor, more effective vs. infantry.

KA-48 Kajman:
-Skalpel ATGM is now SACLOS (Semi-Active Command Line of Sight) and based on Vikhr missile. Does not lock onto targets and must be manually guided*.

AH-64 (Requires A2 Helicopter Import by Aplion):
-Laser designator added
-Hellfires divided into two types: AGM-114N, AGM-114L
-AGM-114N: SALH, can only lock onto laser targets and can no longer be manually guided. Does less damage vs. armor targets but has greater slash damage. Can be used in two trajectories. DIR: Missile flies directly towards target. HI: Missile flies up initially and then descends toward target.
-AGM-114L: Millimeter wave radar seeker, can lock onto vehicle targets (but not lasers). Does high damage against armor targets but low splash damage.

*While technically laser-guided, the Vikhr works differently from the SALH Hellfire. The Vikhr works by laser beam-riding, meaning the laser sensors point backward towards the helicopter and attempt to keep the missile on the path marked by the laser. This is effectively more similar to other kinds of SACLOS missiles than it is to SALH.
Planned Features:
Enhanced Laser Designation:

-Laser designators added to all gunships.
-Laser guided weapons will only lock-on to lasers (I'm looking at you, DAGR).
-Remote designation via laser code system.

Advanced Missile Guidance:

-Different missile types (SALH, MM Wave Radar, SACLOS) will behave differently
-Advanced trajectories for SALH missiles

Improved AA Threats:

-RPGs edited to fire at helicopters.
-AA vehicles will detect and engage player at higher ranges.


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