Radio chatter

Heya - So I really want to have radio chatter when I am walking through the woods etc - (It's all about the illusion and the overall feeling isn't it?)

Since I have a military clip page I have a lot of movies of radio chatter and I stripped some and also downloaded the end sequence from Generation kill put them all together and made them sound a little bit more like radio chatter - specificly the once from Generation kill sounded too "clean" .
A lot of radio chatter from Vietnam - that is actuall radio chatter - and not only the one you can hear on the obvious webpage we all know.

I am no sound engineer by any means - so what I do is I leave this running in the background when I play ARMA2- its crude but it works.

Let me know if this is needed and wanted and I put a large file together - this one is 8 mb large wmv file not compressed to mp3 yet but I have a lot more chatter - so let me know.

Maybe somebody can work with me on this one to make it a real mod? where the chatter gets more distant when one specific character is farthe away?

Download here:
Check out if you are it


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