Tank Damage System


This version is mostly for testing purposes - if you want to play instead or providing feedback, you're probably better off using 2.1 alpha instead.

use: Place the NBTanks.sqs and NBRandomizer.sqs in your mission folder. Run NBRandomizer ONCE (for example [] exec "NBRandomizer.sqs" in the init field) and NBTanks for EVERY supported unit (this addEventHandler ["handledamage", {_this exec "NBTank.sqs"}] in the init field).

supported units: M1A1, M1A2 TUSK, Shilka, Tunguska, T34, T72, T90, AAV, BMP2, BMP3, BRDM2, BTR90, LAV25

This system introduces a new damage model, based on penetration rather than hitpoints. Kinetic munitions now penetrate less efectively over 1000m and more effectively under 1000m. Different armor values are used against KE and CE as well as for side, rear and top hits.
This version has debug mode enabled, returning the penetration and armor value used when a hit occurs. It is also quite laggy (will be fixed when I release a .sqf version), so if you want to play instead of testing please use alpha2.

This time I'd also like to collect your suggestions as far as the armor/penetration values are concerned - you can spot them easily if you open "NBTanks.sqs".

Bugfixes and changes:

- code rewritten, the system now runs independent of the addon config
- KE munitions are less effective over long distances
- different armor values for KE and CE
- damage accumulation abandoned
- randomization depending on the munition used
- runs independent of config values, everything is script based now

Download link:

version: public Alpha2.1

instalation: Place the NBTanks.pbo in your AddOns folder.

This is a small and simple addon (or should I say fix?) modifying the armor values of the APCs/IFVs and tanks to more realistic levels and introducing new damage system based on penetration rather than hit points. The system features modified config values for armored vehicles and AT armament, as well as an attrition system if the tank was damaged earlier.

Bugfixes and changes:

public Alpha2
- some vehicles used to be invincible; this is no longer the case
- added modified weapon config values
- armor config tweaks
- slight randomization, allowing for up to 25% more penetration to keep things interesting
- introduced damage accumulation if the vehicle was hit hard enough earlier
public Alpha2.1
- fixed critical bug allowing to easily kill a damaged tank with any weapon

The purpose of this release is still gathering feedback and finding bugs.

Download link:
Armaholic mirror:
Tank Damage System v2.1 Alpha

A better mirror would again be very appreciated


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