CAA1 public release

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The CAA1 project is to make BI ArmA addons available in ArmA II. Yet there is more to it!

# What can You do with CAA1?

For more details refer to the CAA1 wiki and especially the Frequently asked questions (FAQ).

Enjoy the scenery in the CAA1 gallery, the 5040x1050 gallery by thales100
and the community made promo videos.

# Download

IMPORTANT - Sorry the server is next to exploding from the pressure.

Please wait for mirrors or try the torrent instead. Thank you!
In the download section you can download CAA1 as installer via torrent or HTTP, or
via HTTP single file download or Yoma Addon Sync 2009.
The later simplifies the possible future updating process a lot.

Be aware the download is 1.9/2.1 GB in total.
Unless you download only parts via YAS or the HTTP single file download.

Make sure to read, understand and agree to the license!

# Updates

CAA1 2009-09-06 update

# The future

Essentially the project is now in the community, in Your hands!
You are the ones to make use of it, enjoy, play it!

The main intention of the project along with OAC and OFPIP is to make OFP and ArmA I
top quality missions and campaigns available in ArmA II.
While it is less work compared to start from the scratch, tweaking mission gameplay to the micro AI,
the rather small effort to adapt scripts to ArmA II standard and similar tasks it is still work.

A job that needs as much as helping hands as possible!

Head over to project OAC to find out more about it and replay great campaigns in the future like
Cold War Crisis, Queen's Gambit Royal Flush and The Cause - Chapter I again in the beauty of ArmA II!

# Credits

Sincere thanks to BI for their okay for the project!
Thanks to modEmMaik, Sickoy, Yoma, the-f, Mopar and to the countless of helping hands!



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