US Army 2009 Units

Here's something that some of you may have been following for awhile. Well here it is, the first public beta release of my US Army Units for ArmA2. I have tried my hardest to replicate what we actually wear in the field, using my uniform and battle rattle as a reference.

Currently, this is my first public beta release for ArmA2. So, naturally, these are not bug free, there may be bugs that I have not noticed and if you do notice them, feel free to inform me. Eventually down the road when I have more time I will increase the quality etc etc. This is more of a, preview, of what's to come in the future.

Yes this addon is signed for multiplayer.

Yes the Server Key is included.

Mirrors appreciated!

To anyone who mirrors this, please update the images with the larger images that are provided. Thank you.

W0lle kindly took the time to make a mission for you to test these with, it is very well made and I recommend trying it out! All credit goes to W0lle.

No, this Addon is not perfect and has it's bugs. For example, not all of my RVMATS are using the new ArmA2 RVMATS, notice I said "not all", most of them do, a few do not. Just be aware.

Change Log:

1.7 (10-31-09 (Beta Patch 1.7)
- All normal map issues have been fixed.
- Added the vilas weapons pack back in.
- Finally fixed the goggle issue.
- All problems with the vilas pack is now fixed.
- Fixed some of the back pack issues.
- Added more editor groups.

1.6 (10-21-09 (Beta Patch 1.6)
- Added new backpacks.
- Fixed some normal mapping issues.
- Fixed config issues.
- Added more units thanks to W0lle.
- Removed the old weapon pack.

1.5 (10-09-09 (Beta Patch 1.5)
- Added new weapon pack (courtesy of vilas)
- Added new units (Engineers, Snipers, AA soldier)
- Fixed some config issues (thanks W0lle!)

1.4 (10-05-09 (Beta Patch 1.4)
- Fixed the "Nohq" error on Crewman
- Added custom weapon pack

1.3 (09-21-09 (Beta Patch 1.3)
- Fixed texture issues
- Added more units (Officer, Breach)
- Fixed some section issues
- Found a fix for the "blurry" textures. Run your game with high / very high texture quality
- Fixed RVMAT issues
- Added clan support, clan logo's will now appear on the right arm, where a normal patch would appear

1.2 (09-5-09 (Beta Patch 1.2)
- Fixed some texture issues
- New ArmA2 heads models (Yes, your prayers have been answered.)
- Added goggles to AR and Machinegunner models
- Added more units (Crewman, Machinegunner, Rifleman (FGM148))
- Fixed the handbugs on all units
- Added one working group (more to come)
- Fixed the ACH straps

1.1 (08-31-09 (Beta Patch 1.1)
- Made each texture uniform
- Decreased the "sharpened" look on the textures.
- Remove the rifleman hand bug
- Attempted at adding groups, need assistance. Please contact me with help if you are kind enough to help.
- Added it's own faction under "US Army US Infantry 09'"

1.0 (08-30-09) (Beta release)
- First public beta release


CameronMcDonald - For the textures and allowing me to heavily modify it, thank you!

Vilas - Yeah, see those weapons? His work.

Christian1987 - For letting me use his handgrip model (For M16A4SDM)

Jonny - For letting me use his superb models.

DaSquade - For letting me use his ACH Straps for the helmet.

ardvarkdb - For letting me some of his models from his SF Units

Demon Cleaner - For generously writing a replacement pack!

W0lle - For helping me with Config stuff.

Special Thanks:

AnimalMother - Testing
Jake - Testing
W0lle - Testing Support
Evans - Testing & Support
Bryson - Testing
Bigstone - Support
The Community - Feedback
The 20th SFG (

If I missed anyone let me know, my apologies.

Download Links:

US Army '09 (v1.7) (ArmAholic)

US Army Missions (v1.0) (ArmAholic) By W0lle

US Army '09 Replacements (v1.2) (ArmAholic)

Enjoy, and let's give the US Army a nice welcome into Chernarus.


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