Isla Duala

Version: v1.97

First Release: December 30th, 2009
Previous Release 1.95: June 12th, 2011
Current Release 1.97: October 24, 2012

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Changelog v1.97
town Bolabongo upgraded, new Dendala District
added final brg_africa v1.24
fixed grid offset for artillery
smoothed out road near Numbo and Ursana
new clearing E of Mawimbela near river pass
new factory and a farm near Kirabo
further improvements to satmap
upgraded the Pumado Armybase
Canto armybase slight update
aircraft now taxi correctly at Kinsella Intl. runway
upgraded landing system lights at Kinsella Intl. & Aeroporto Molatia Intl. runways on W and E sides
activated oil pumps
presidental palace added to Bolabongo outskirts
added three Molatian forts, used for defense of Bolabongo
added new warehouses for Molatian army
massive redesign of beaches
added more detail and cover spots suck as rock formations
several smaller bugfixes

Units changes:
vehicle classes for Viggens and AS-350 Squirrels now use standard Air class
unarmed AS350 Squirrel versions dont have a graphics glitch anymore
7x FFAR Launcher on AS350 has a proper display name
replaced Leopard 1A5 crew from Rifleman to Crewman
Leopard sound distance fixed, new realistic engine sounds
removed zetaborn faction
tweaked Mig-21 handling / control sensitivity
replaced Mig-21 sounds with improved real recordings
Mig-21's UB32Launcher now has correct 57mm rockets, half-load in each launcher
removed old texture flags from Pinzgauers
crew of T-55 changed to correct one
new gunfire sound of Afrenian Steyr AUG
new Molatian soldier: Trashtalker (AKM), he likes to trash talk to human players
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Units (class list) 1.97:

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p.s. Special thanks to BIS for mentioning Duala in their Arrowhead game (under Credits ticker)!


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