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Many people still know TroopMon1 from the Arma1 times.
Initially i just wanted to make it compatible with Arma2, but i decided to enhance its functionality and optimize the code.
It now contains tons of new helpful functions to effectively debug missions.
Hope it helps you guys design your missions.

For those who don`t know TroopMon yet:

TroopMon 2 is a GUI console for Arma2 that is designed to help mission makers to precisely monitor the combat behaviour of the placed units in their missions.
Lost, inactive or ineffective combatants are easily identified to raise the quality of a mission and achieve mission objectives with a minimal troopcount. Missions with uncertainty about the location of the involved units are a thing of the past.

- A camera with 8 View modes:
1. A fixed 3rd Person view
2. Free/fixed camera mode that can be positioned around the watch-unit
or independently moved around the whole scenario.
3. A gunner's view through the ironsights of the watch-unit's weapons.
4. A 1st person view to find out where the watch-unit is looking at.
5. A 3rd person view that cycles through a random selection of units.
primarily, units that are in combat are shown.
6. A top view onto the watch-unit suitable for CQB or urban scenarios.
7. A more cinematic camera motion view of randomly chosen units
8. A projectile-following camera that shows a slow motion of fired
projectiles of the currently watched unit. This is helpful to evaluate
the effectiveness of a firing position, the feasibility of the used weapon
or the skill of the shooter.
This can be combined with the view mode 3 to see what the unit is
Aiming at before making the shot.
To choose a different view mode just deselect the V8 button.
In case the projectile is experiencing ricochet or misses the target
the button ABORT PROJCAM can be used to discontinue tracking the projectile.

- Total overview of all mission relevant AI variables.
Crucial battle data is constantly updated such as:
- which enemy is targetting, firing at or wounding the watch unit
with the ability to switch the view to that enemy to evaluate it.
- which enemy is the assigned target of the unit and which enemy
is being fired upon by the watch unit.
- Troopmon 2 automatically recognizes the dimensions of custom island
addons and is compatible with all kinds of custom soldier/weapon/vehicle
etc. addons.
- The GUI console allows for very intuitive unit selection even in high
Unit-count battle situations, selections can be made with the mouse.
All status data can be shown or hidden by little toggle switches.
- New groups can be created and sent into the battle to try out new attack
strategies or enforce groups of insufficient strength without having to
edit/restart the mission.
- Waypoints for created or existing groups can be created
and groups can be combined. Existing waypoints can be edited at runtime.
- Infantry can be moved around with transports using TroopMon 2-created
- Favourites and camera positions can be saved/loaded for points of interest
of the battle theater.

Install this in it own mod folder. If you don't know how to make and use modfolders have a look in our FAQ.

Included files:

Hit ESC during the mission to bring up the game menu.
Below the standard Arma2 buttons you find a new button
which starts TroopMon 2.

TroopMon2 V0.9 Download (Armaholic)

TroopMon2 V0.9 Download (SWDepot)

UPDATE V0.91 :

TroopMon2 V0.91 Download (assaultmissionstudio)


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