Zeus AI Combat Skills

Update: A test version of Zeus AI Combat Skills compatible with ArmA 2 and CO or OA
together with further information is available here.
There are a number of new features for those interested in testing, including
dynamic AI response to contact, use of buildings for cover and improved CQB.

If you use ACE, follow the instructions in the readme.

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Credit and thanks to:
Sickboy (config reference ai_override addon (sb_at_dev-heaven.net))
Jinef for reference values & Hund for setting up the testing!
Zeus (beta testing)
fabrizio_T for reference FAB_character2_mod
Charon Productions for TroopMon2 tool
Solus for reference information and improvements
BIS and BIKI ref.: http://community.bistudio.com/wiki/Main_Page

This mod improves the ability of AI soldiers in a number of key areas:
- Improves AI's ability to spot and engage enemy, extending engagement ranges
out to 500m and beyond
- Changes the speed at which an AI can get a bead on a target
- The AI now reacts to effective enemy fire, before taking casualties
- Accuracy is changed to ensure sustained firefights take place, allowing
movement under contact with good use of cover. Ammunition dispersion and
weapon accuracy are not changed
- AI use smoke and frag. Be aware of your enemy's ability to throw frags!
- AI hearing ability is reduced to realistic levels, enabling a player to make
stealthy close quarter approaches providing he can remain unseen
- Vehicle gunners now react to enemy fire
- Building on the native game feature, AI characters have varying ability to
spot enemy according to role. This is to represent equipment and training
variation, e.g. Observers, Snipers and Officers with Binoculars have greater
ability to detect enemy
- Sniper teams that make effective use of tactics, cover & concealment can now
carry out their mission, especially at extended engagement ranges
- Careful movement and correct use of formation is now an important factor in
improving a soldiers survivability, as are planned ingress and egress routes
- AI react more aggressively under contact and don't give up as easily
- Injuries occur more frequently in firefights. Good drills and wise medics are
now an essential part of the game

It is fully tested in single and multiplayer and causes no known issues.
For coop multiplayer, it is recommended to be installed both on the server and
If the server is running the mod and you choose not to install it client side,
then any AI you command will be at a disadvantage compared to the server
controlled AI.

It has greatly increased the immersion and challenge of coop play for Zeus,
hope you enjoy it!

// Installation ///////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Extract the @zeu_cfg_core_ai_skills.7z archive to your main ArmA II directory.
If you don't already have a suitable archiving tool, ref.:

Inside the new @zcommonAddons directory are the .pbo and .bisign files:


The .bisign file is to enable players using properly signed addons to join
servers that require them.

Make a copy of the ARMA II shortcut on the desktop or wherever you have it.
Right click the copy and select properties. In the target box, append:
[email protected]

It should look like this:
"C:Program FilesBohemia InteractiveArmA 2arma2.exe" -nosplash [email protected] -maxmem=2047

To load more than one mod folder use semi-colons to separate the mod list:
...arma2.exe [email protected];@mod2;@mod3;@zcommon

For an explanation of the -nosplash & -maxmem= parameters, reference the ArmA II
startup parameter page:

Player and server profile skill levels significantly affect gameplay. Empirical
data provides the following recommended skill settings for the profile:

With the above settings, AI provide good suppression levels, attempt flanking
manoeuvres on spotted enemy while maintaining close formation and also make use
of cover and concealment during movement. Attacks are slower, in larger force
and more deliberate. Spotting distance is slightly extended in comparison to
lower skill settings.

Reducing skill settings to:

With these settings AI tend attack individually or in loose formation with
little regard for use of cover. Frontal attacks are common.

Recommended precision settings for the player/server profile are:

Higher precision settings tend to make the AI too accurate, which destroys
some of the immersion. These are recommended values borne out of extensive
testing. You can of course vary them as you wish to make enemy more
lethal, but the window for adjustment is very small for precision: 0.2 - 0.245
Friendly precision is set higher to mitigate against friendly fire and does not
appear to unbalance gameplay when commanding AI squads.

It is recommended that enemy tags are disabled for all difficulty levels by
setting the server profile entries to:

UltraAI should also be disabled - enabling it makes AI into AK snipers, ruining
any chance of movement under fire:

// Changelog //////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////////

Please refer to the readme included with the packages

Video showing some of the AI improvements:

Armaholic mirror:
- Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular

ArmA II Zeus AI Combat Skills for ACE2 mod:
Armaholic mirror:
- Zeus AI Combat Skills & AI Spotting modular - ACE



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