The Undead Mod

Charon Productions

THE UNDEAD MOD by Charon Productions:

This mod is doing the impossible of simulating zombies in a military simulation
that does not support melee attacks, indoor scenarios and many other things
that had to be artificially created with this mod.

Most attention was put onto atmosphere, sounds and the infection spread
and its dynamics unseen before in any zombie mod.
All 100+ civilians have textured zombie models and most BLUFOR units also.
Plus there is an infected "hound".
The units can be found under the resistance side in the editor.

Whole islands can be infected with the new virtual infection and migration systems.

If you have a problem with minor bugs in a mod, better purchase one of the
console-type zed games and smile.

Note: Many users report this to be working fine in MULTIPLAYER

It is highly recommended to have the latest Arma2 patch installed.
The mod won`t work with v1.0 !

Known Issues:
READ before posting or PMing ! You are wasting your time posting issues already mentioned here.

- Undead can pass through walls, so can vanilla arma units !
- Undead can warp some distance when shot or bumping at a certain speed into something
- It can also rarely occur, that a whole undead group does nothing and just stand around
even though it has correct waypoints (Arma2-pathfinding hang-up problem)

The demo missions are not perfect. I rather concentrated on the actual module itself,
than perfectionizing the missions.

Rule of thumb for creating your own zed missions:

Keep the amount of zeds as low as possible.
Use the global variables for zedcount to manage your zed spawns.
About 60-80 zeds spawned at a time should be okay.
Missions with low lag won`t exhibit too bad collision problems etc.

For slow zombie missions it is disadvised to use the ACM, because
its spawns female civilians which can`t be turned into slow zombies.

Look into the demo missions, pretty much all you need to know is in there.

Download links for V0.84 latest version:

UNDEAD MOD V0.84 Part 1
UNDEAD MOD V0.84 Part 2
UNDEAD MOD V0.84 Part 3


The Undead Mod V0.83
Armaholic Mirror
Alternate Link packed together


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